Camplus Catania


Built in what used to be “Conservatorio San Vincenzo de’ Paoli”, the building represents an important work of architectural restoration, and today it houses a unique hospitality complex.
The imposing yet charming building of Camplus Catania houses 90 students, in single and double rooms. The canteen, with its big glass windows overlooking the inner courtyard known as “The Orange Courtyard”, is the main meeting place. The residence hall has a shared kitchen, two study rooms, two tutoring rooms, a library, a break room, a fitness area, a car park, and 24-reception. The Conservatory’s church has been transformed into the Camplus auditorium, which seats around 100 people and is equipped with audio and video to be able to host meetings, concerts, university lessons, and film projections.
The residence hall is located in via Monsignor Ventimiglia, right in the heart of the city’s most thriving commercial area. Its central location makes it easy to get to the centre of Catania by any means of transport.